Cloud Mining Fund & Bitcoin Mining & Investment Program

Earn up to 40% return in only ~12 months!

Invest Confidently & Safely In Bitcoin Cloud Mining with a Reputable Company with Over a Decade of Experience! Global Resource is a diversified corporation with investments in crypto mining and trading algothrythms that produce exceptional returns to our investors. Through the use of our collective network of mining farms contracted to work with us using our proprietary algorhythm, we are able to provide stable, high profit margins to provide investors great returns in a relatively short period of time.

Your privacy is important to us. Invest with confidence knowing your identity may remain anonymous and account name can be set up as portion of BTC wallet address for identification.

Due to the high volume nature of our facilities, initial investments are $25,000.00 MINIMUM ======= $20M MAXIMUM

STARTING INVESTMENT ========================== PAYOUT AT 12 months 7 days

Your Investment ($)

Your Return ($)*


***Investing over $1M? Please email us for customized rate***

*NOTE: Payouts above includes initial investment

Process is very simple:

  1. Make your investment in USD via credit card (VISA/MC/AMEX), T/T, BTC or ETH
  2. Receive monthly statements with revenues earned and account balance via email
  3. Get your money in 12 months, 7 days via BTC, ETH or USD (via T/T)
INVESTOR WARNING: Beware of fraudulent online cloud mining operations promising unrealistic returns. Check online the whois information of any domain name to ensure it shows REGISTERED for more than 10 years of business operations before investing.

For more info or to set up an account please call 1-877-406-9779 or email